Make Up Eraser Cloth Mini Set Of 3 Melon

Make Up Eraser Cloth Mini Set Of 3 Melon

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The Mini Travel Makeup Eraser cloth is the perfect instant freshener for you on the go! The stunning fluorescent trio
contains three cloths you can divide into specific usages such as -

1) Orange for your lips
2) Green for your face
3) Pink for your eyes.

Remove waterproof makeup with just a touch of luke-warm water on this magnificient and durable, silky smooth
face cloth! The luxurious cloth is ultra smooth and 100% polyester! The side with the tag on has a slightly different woven texture, so you can exfoliate and buff after removing makeup! 

The cloth can last up to 1000+ uses, removing even the most stubborn makeup and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin! 

There are no harmful chemicals or chlorine bleach used to make this, so it is ever so kind to your delicate facial skin! 

The ultra fine specially knitted polyester/silk fibre, (finer than human hair) is super absorbent and creates a hydro-
mechanical process - This process gently breaks-down skin surface oil build-up whilst completely protecting the
skins natural acid mantle.

Before using the facial eraser for the first time, wash it and then use!  

Make-Up Eraser removes waterproof and smear-proof mascara, HD make-up and lipstick

  1. Wash
  2. Wet
  3. Erase
  4. Repeat process 
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