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We are proud to be the first bring to the UK the full range of the luxurious Sweden Nails and one of the first to be a UK authorised retailer of the oh-so-hip A-List FACE Stockholm. And talking of Scandinavian savvy, those damn-clever Swedes have gone and given us SMART, a truly innovative material that produces touch dry hair without heat - and without damage!

We're the first to bring you Dermosistemi from Milan, the first truly systematic approach to problem skin & the challenges of age, with a range of topical agents & professional cosmetic spa industry machines that produce clinically tested proven results: We are their UK distributors.

We are so thrilled to be authorised retailers for ghd (the best hair equipment in the world we reckon!) check out the new wanderlust range and prepare to be in awe! We are also authorised retailers for Jane Iredale, the luxury brand so preferred by the
cosmetic surgery and beauty industries.

We treasure the sophistication of Skinade - a very powerful blend of essential micronutrients that works by supplying the skin with much needed anti-oxidant and metabolic products that restores full function to the dermal layers and combats ageing.

We can't forget the cheekiness of Barry M, the fantastic British brand that has been supplying off-the-chart glamour for decades. And talking of British, we are also the authorised retailers of Cougar with their amazing ranges of makeup, creams and gadgets, including the widest selection highly potent anti-ageing hyaluronic acid serums that are simply phenomenal!

We love the power of natural and pure vegan cosmeceuticals... We are authorised retailers of the awesome Ameera (the finest argan oil you can get) and Beauty Oils - lovingly cold-pressed and hand-crafted from Ireland.

We are authorised retailers for Ardell who are America's best-selling eyelashes and also for RapidLash with their incredible length-enhancing products for lashes, brows and hair... They also produce RapidRenew - a superb exfoliating polish that reveals a fresher and brighter you!

We adore the wonderful hair products of OGX - with distinct products containing coconut, kukui, macadamia and argan oils (also available in extra strength!) and infusions of ginger. And talking of hair - Try the fabulous funky, funky, FUNKY! world of Popbands who produce the best hair ties available that simply never leave your hair in a knot no matter how scrunched (it's all down to the material folks!)

We're excited to offer you a fabulous selection of Fragrances for whatever occasion - flirty, fun, intense or powerful - from our UK supplier of leading trends and luxury: So perfect for that Me-Moment or as a fantastic gift for a special person in your life!

We are over the moon to bring to you the purest 100% MICA mineral makeup by the one and only 
MICA BEAUTY!  Quality of the highest
standard! The brand also have a breathtaking
JEWELS range of certified skincare made with Diamonds, Gold, Ruby & Gemstones!

We are blown away by the Quinoa Keratin & Argan oil infused hair products! Known as the "mother of the grain" and used for over 5,000 years, the restorative powers are astonishing! So much so, NASA have included the extract in the astronauts diet on long space missions! 

We place emphasis on making sure our customers have solutions to problem skin, which is why we have a dedicated section on our
website focusing on ACNE solutions! It's time to say goodbye to bumps and hello to a clear complexion! 

We encourage anyone intent on rejuvenation and anti ageing to try the Swiss cosmeceutical skincare range, Cellcosmet formulated by Cellap Labortoire! Hormonally targeted skin solutions for both men and women! Check out the whole range now!

We are pleased to now stock a wide growing selection of vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals to make you feel good from inside out!
BIOVEA are fab at creating high quality formulas, both topical and supplemental. Get glowing in no time!

We advise all customers to try the amazing face cloth range by MUE lifestyle! The Makeup Eraser cloths can be used up to 2000x & remove makeup & debris in an instant with zero need for products! MUE Lifestyle also create funky, innovative accessories & gadgets! Check them out!

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